Vlad Ilic

Vladimir Ilic, also known as VRHUMAN has been exploring VR/AR for the past years as a medium for storytelling, design, and art with companies like Google, Mozilla, Samsung, and Microsoft. His work has been published by major websites and books, outlining his vision for VR/AR as a new language. Vladimir started his design career in Graphics, Industrial and Transportation Design where he created everything from German cars, digital user interfaces and print productions. For a few years now, he has been focusing his creative energy on VR/AR where he experiments and expands on the current state of the technology. Working in VR/AR design and art direction demands an open mind and a hunger to learn and improve. That’s why Vladimir started projects like the Artifacts Piano Bar and #VREVERYDAY where he forces himself out of the comfort zone to improve his skill set and curiosity on a daily basis with experiments in the context of VR and AR.


Martin Nebelong


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