If you found a faster program to make polished 3D assets would you use it? Using virtual reality in your workflow doesn’t mean you need to throw the baby out with the bathwater. In fact, integrating virtual reality into your creation process lets you have the artistic freedom to experiment and see 3D in a whole new way.

Gaston Carballal is an Argentinian multi-disciplinary artist, designer, and professor currently living in Buenos Aires. His clients have ranged from PlayStation, Nike, and Viacom.

We asked him to envision a futuristic environment using his preferred VR workflow. We asked him to break it down.  

“Masterpiece Studio is the most important tool I have when making work for my clients.” - Gaston Carballal

What was your process here? How do you move from 2D to 3D so easily? My process is based on the simple fact I use tools that are available. I’ve been using MasterpieceVR for a while and I am thrilled that Masterpiece Creator is out now. It’s the perfect program for my workflow. I want something very agile and easy to use and replicate.

To concept this piece, I started sketching on paper

and then I re-work the drawings on an iPad:

Then I used Masterpiece Creator to make these spaces become a reality...

Then,  I did the lighting and shading, through an Octane render.

What considerations did you have to create your environment and make it your own and unique?

I considered the environment as being part of the larger story of Masterpiece Studio as if it exists as a city, based on popular cyberpunk themes. I wanted to bring in my own touch, so I looked at feudal Japan buildings. Stylistically, I gave it my own visual flair by using some classic Masterpiece Creator tools such as the Ribbons. I can replicate soft hand strokes with this tool which is great because it has the same feel as my IRL drawings.

How quickly can you concept once you've sculpted everything using VR? Oh, easily. Here is an alternative take on the exterior of the city too!

What did you enjoy most about the new features of Masterpiece Creator?

The new Scene Graph allowed me to keep my scene very organized. The new remesh algorithms allowed me to export a very polished mesh!

What future do you see in which you could use Masterpiece Studio?

I cannot imagine not using it in any future projects. Masterpiece Studio is the most important tool I have when making work for my clients.

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Watch the follow workflow: