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July 8, 2019

Axon Park and Survios’ CTO to Use MasterpieceVR in Virtual Reality Masterclasses

Using MasterpieceVR as course-work tool

Using VR to teach is the future, and Axon Park are taking strides to define what that could mean. Axon Park is a virtual campus where students can learn together from anywhere. Their focus is on using virtual reality and artificial intelligence to democratize access to premier quality education.

MasterpieceVR is pleased to be part of this new virtual campus. As a tool for teaching, MasterpieceVR’s networking allows for seamless collaboration, no matter where you are in the world. MasterpieceVR will be included as part of their unique Virtual Field Trips “VTF” so students can explore how to collaboratively work together.

The Unreal Engine VR Master Class will launch this fall - a remotely taught course which runs for the full semester. The instructor is Survios CTO and Co-Founder Alex Silkin, with support from the Unreal Engine team. Silkin’s Survios is a studio behind some of the industries best-selling VR titles, including, Raw Data, Creed, and the upcoming Walking Dead Onslaught

Silkin explains that, “This is not just a simple online class. This is the first class of its kind. We’ll

meet twice a week in virtual classrooms and build amazing virtual reality content together.”

This is an expert-level course, and there is access to scholarships available through VR First. Silkin is dedicated to helping network professionals, commenting “I want to share my experience with the community to make it easier for newcomers to break into the VR industry.”

Go to to find out more.

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