Happy New Year. We are starting 2020 with you in mind.

Since launching Masterpiece Studio this past December we have heard from you. As a thank you for anyone who purchased MasterpieceVR prior to Dec 31, 2019, we would like to offer you a FREE 3 month Freelancer subscription to Masterpiece Studio (no catches).  Just forward your purchase receipt to support@masterpiecevr.com to receive your reward.

Thank all you for your patronage, and now here is a message from out CEO:  

Thank you all for your comments both positive and negative. Our dream is to build a VR 3D modeling platform that lets everyone create 3D. We have tried our best to stay at a low cost for as long as possible, but the VR market is still small today and it is extremely expensive to build 3D modeling software. We have been selling the software far below cost to develop, and our life savings we have already invested is not enough. High-end professional 3D modeling software can cost in the 100s of millions (or more) to make and the only way to fund this is to raise venture capital (investors will only fund VR tools today that have a subscription model).  It would be my dream to give everything away at a low one-time cost, but it would be impossible to keep this project funded.  We have a solution, but it will take time. By having a subscription, we can make and raise enough money to build the creation tool of everyone’s dreams and one day in the future when we do, we will open it up to everyone to democratize 3D content creation. I honestly believe in this dream and want to make it come true to benefit everyone, but it will take years of effort. I understand that you may not want to support us in any way and I respect your decision regardless, but if you do, I would be honored for any way you would be willing to help make this dream come true, even if it's as simple as spread some kind words.

You can reach us at any time at support@masterpiecevr.com

Either way, thank you for your support.


Jon Gagne CEO MasterpieceVR