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May 1, 2019

How to Render a MasterpieceVR Model in Blender

How to Render a MasterpieceVR Model in Blender


1. Exporting from MasterpieceVR

1.1 Models should be exported from MasterpieceVR as an OBJ with brushes and sculpting. Blender does not support OBJ files with vertex colors so you will need to convert our file before Blender will show us vertex colors.

2. Converting OBJ to PLY of DAE

2.1 First you will need to open your OBJ in an application that supports vertex colors on OBJ files. 3D Builder and MeshLab are easy to use and can get this job done quickly. Open your OBJ in either of these then export as a PLY or DAE. Blender will support these types with vertex colors. You will now be able to import these files into Blender without worry of losing your vertex colors.

3. Setting up your model in Blender for rendering

3.1 The first thing you should do is make sure your model has vertex colors. You can see your vertex colors under the Properties > Data > Vertex Colors.

3.2 In the top task bar, change the Blender Render to Cycles Render.

3.3 Setting up the material to use vertex colors is pretty simple. Add an "Attribute" node, enter the name of the vertex color data into this node (for me, it's "Col"), and then connect the Attribute node to the color input node of the "Diffuse BSDF" shader.

3.4 To set up some simple lighting, you can modify the "Lamp" object that Blender has in the scene by default. Select the light and change its type from "Point" to "Sun".

3.5 Position the light in the scene and point the light in the direction of your model.

3.6 set the camera for rendering to be aligned with the view.

3.7 Now, with some basic lighting set up, your model should have color when you render.

4. Learn More about Blender

There are also plenty of other great tools for rendering and touching up 3D models. Blender is great because it's free and very powerful, but it is not very intuitive. We recommend you check out these excellent videos from to help you get started in Blender:

- Getting Started with Blender

- Shading and Lighting

- Rendering

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