This summer, MasterpieceVR is pleased to be collaborating with Epic Games, Unity Technologies, Blue-Zoo Animation Studio and Aeon Productions for the International Broadcast Convention (IBC) Accelerator.

These world-class studios will learn from each other and discover solutions to industry needs. This industry-wide partnership is an investigation in multi-format content creation.  

Together, we’re re-thinking production pipelines for animated content for broadcasting, gaming, social media, XR/VR/AR, film and television! This new IBC Accelerator will look at ways of leveraging XR tools and real-time content engines to change workflows for the production of animation.

MasterpieceVR will be giving participating studios full access and on-boarding support, training and walk-throughs to Creator and Motion, and help reduce the friction for them to begin exploring and implementing VR workflows.

For all the details check out this excellent article on IBC.