Ah, the holidays!

It’s December 23rd, and you’re working remotely at a Starbucks. You’re an elder millennial at a tech start-up. You are about ready to close it down for a few days for some Holiday R&R and suddenly realize you forgot something. Something important. You checked the Slack channels (twice)... nothing. You logged into the CRM… nothing… what was it? Something naughty? Something nice? You take a final sip of your Venti Peppermint Oat Milk Latte. A moment of bliss... then the realization hits.

I am an idiot

You forgot. In all the celebration of late capitalism, where you crunched the hours of work when and wherever you could, with all the flexibility of a Hot Yoga instructor in San Francisco, you forgot the most important part of the holidays in 2019- Buying things… for loved ones who love VR.

Here are the top 4 recommendations for last-minute gifts:

A Starbucks Gift Card

Look, there are 30,626 Starbucks internationally. Just saying. You probably see one at least once a day. Their seasonal drinks are amazing. The wonderful minty warm notes hit your lips like little mistletoe kisses. Each sip is a perfect moment of the holidays - the proportioned temperature of rich chocolate notes of the bean dance and mix with the sugared candy cane to create a balance that evokes 'all the feels' of watching the first season of Rick & Morty before meeting the fans.

Let’s be honest, get your loved one a gift card so they can stay up longer in VR. Caffeine is good.

Earnest (goes to Starbucks and) saves Christmas


Please, keep your loved ones warm

Real talk. After two years of working in that tech start-up culture, your fashion has changed. Hasn’t it? Recently, a hipster friend of mine who has an opinion about everything, and only dresses in the Canadian tuxedo, said, “Yeah, tech’s dress like they’re about to go on a hike, but they don’t hike”. This is quite true. My fashion now is more like a health goth coming out of a depression, or a new dad trying to stay fit by using his entry-level road bike. That said, I do enjoy Patagonia. Any partner or friend would love an article from Patagonia. They are functional, warm and stylish with your favorite beverage (see above.)


Baby Yoda. I have spoken.

I mean, LOOK AT HIM!

And finally…


Why use an iPod when you can use an iPhone? You wouldn’t because it’s almost 2020. We live further in the future than Blade Runner, Back to the Future, and that movie with Jon Cusack about the end of the world. We have VR! With Masterpiece Studio create any 3D Model, from concept to animation. Sculpt, paint, UV unwrap, rig, animate all in VR. Plus it’s free to try.


My boss telling me I did a good job.

Happy Holidays everyone!