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May 1, 2019

MasterpieceVR has Launched

Experience the Evolution in Creative Expression

MasterpieceVR is Now the Most Powerful Creation Tool in VR

At MasterpieceVR, our goal has always been to create innovative, intuitive technology that simplifies the creation of 3D content and expands the artist’s workflow. Today, we’re excited to share the premium version of MasterpieceVR, which includes a host of exciting new announcements, including a groundbreaking “first” for the VR industry. With MasterpieceVR you can co-create with anyone, anywhere, in real time. We believe in building a community of creators—and how better to do that than with a virtual sandbox?


Better Together

At its best, VR lets us do things we never could before—things we never even imagined. We at MasterpieceVR are continually inspired by the way this medium lets us connect across any distance. If we can bring people together from all over the world, what kinds of creativity and productivity could we unleash?

Introducing: True Real Time Multi-user Creation in VR

Now, in MasterpieceVR, up to 4 people can work on the same project in real time. Yes, you read that right. We built MasterpieceVR to be the most robust toolset for creation on the planet because we want- ed to see the mind-blowing work you were capable of creating. What better way to put it to the test than to let you share in the creation with friends, family, and co-workers?

We believe it is important for art to foster community even beyond creators, so spectators can now join the room and view the creation process simultaneously. We envision so many exciting applications of this ‘virtual sandbox’—work together on a project, exchange ideas, give real-time feedback, or teach a 3D modeling class in VR. But we’re counting on you to surprise us.Make it an event

Not everybody will be able to join you in the metaverse, but with live-streaming functionality via YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch, nobody needs to be left out. Turn your virtual space into a live studio for the whole world. Simply place cameras throughout the virtual space and let your dreams of Bob Ross run wild.

Make it an Event

Not everybody will be able to join you in the metaverse, but with live-streaming functionality via YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch, nobody needs to be left out. Turn your virtual space into a live studio for the whole world. Simply place cameras throughout the virtual space and let your dreams of Bob Ross run wild.

Cross-platform Support

MasterpieceVR works on HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and upcoming Microsoft headsets. It is also compatible with traditional 3D modeling workflows—simply export files in standard formats like OBJ, STL, and FBX—making it easier than ever for artists to create and refine their work.

Making your Masterpiece

3D content is all around us—there’s no reason it should be impossible to make. Yet, for so long, 3D content has been the domain of the select few able to spend years learning complex 3D modeling software. At MasterpieceVR, we wanted to remove that barrier completely by making our system complement the natural movements of the body and mind.

With only 3 hours of practice in MasterpieceVR, an artist can create a 3D model up to 7 times faster than a professional with years of experience using traditional 3D modeling applications. “The program is laser-focused on giving you the core tools and a clean interface which allows you to jump into VR sculpting immediately,” said Jon Payne, professional digital and traditional artist. We built a suite of over 20 tools, including Add, Erase, Shrink, Bulge, Smooth, Pinch, Copy, Paste, and many more—all designed to help improve your creative process. We spent more hours than we’d care to list to make these tools feels natural for beginners, concept artists, 3D modelers, and fine artists alike. Each tool’s strength is adjustable, granting you intimate control over strokes and details. “I think MasterpieceVR is a really special piece of software,” said Payne. “I particularly love both the subtle surface control built into the primary sculpting tools and the intelligent way the smoothing algorithm works when you are blending your shapes.”

Paint and Sculpt—All in One Place

MasterpieceVR is the only content creation application on the planet with volumetric sculpting and ribbon painting, giving creators unprecedented creative freedom.

“I really like the bold approach of fusing painting with sculpting inside the same workspace,” said Vladimir Ilic, a 3D Industrial Designer and VR Art Director. “Having access to both inside the same app makes you think differently about your process and generates new ideas.”

A Powerful Workflow for Any Creator

Sometimes, when we feel frustrated with our toolset, our ideas stagnate. Masterpiece is designed to be approachable and elegant— with powerful, intuitive tools adaptable for use by any kind of creator.

3D Artist

As a professional 3D artist, Ilic worked with “traditional” 3D tools like Cinema 4D, Maya and ZBrush before jumping into VR. “The process of creating in VR is still very exciting to me, even after hundreds of hours, there is still so much to explore and experiment with,” said Ilic. “I have experimented with different techniques I used in traditional media like sketching, outlining and blocking in shapes. After that the idea evolves as you progress and in some cases changes in something completely new.”

Traditional Artist

As more and more traditional artists integrate digital tools into their workflow, it’s vital that those tools provide them the functionality they need to do what they do best: create. Scout Windsor, a clay sculptor and digital artist who makes creature costumes and puppets, said that VR has broadened her sense of what is possible as a 3D artist. “[When VR apps] support FBX and OBJ exports, the possibilities are endless,” said Windsor. “It helps integrate the programs into a traditional 3D workflow.”

2D Digital Illustrator

Though many of us might not expect it, 2D illustrators rely on 3D creation tools. But existing desktop applications are often frustrating and time-consuming, forcing these professionals to spend countless hours learning toolsets they often find counterintuitive. For that reason, Martin Nebelong, a professional freelance 2D illustrator, has been experimenting with workflows that begin with VR. 

“Coming from a background in illustration, sculpting in VR is the closest I’ve felt to sketching and painting in VR,” said Nebelong. “Our hands are extremely complex and are capable of very intricate movements which are used a lot more when sculpting in 3 dimensions in VR.” 

Nebelong said he wants to help push the technology forward, to see how he can get the images in his head out there faster and in a more rewarding way than the workflows of yesterday. “It’s also very inspiring to be part of the early days of the community that is starting to form around VR art. There’s an atmosphere of friendly competition, where we all help push each other forward artistically.” We’ve worked closely with illustrators like Nebelong to ensure that MasterpieceVR is exactly the kind of experience artists crave.

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