Imagine & Create
A Sustainable Future

Sculpt a Greener City

This Earth Day, we’ve partnered with Microsoft and a collective of artists with the aim of inspiring artists everywhere to imagine and create an environmentally sustainable city. Join creators around the globe to celebrate ideas that inspire the building of a sustainable future.


Create a model in MasterpieceVR and submit it to our #sustainablecity contest for a chance to win one of several prizes and to see your model in the first collaboratively created virtual city.

You could Win

Phase 1

Deadline May 1
$1000 USD
Best Concept
Color 3D Print
Best Model

Phase 2

Deadline May 15
$1000 USD
Best Concept
Color 3D Print
Best Model

Phase 3

Deadline May 29
$2000 USD
Grand Prize
Best Concept
Color 3D Print
Best model

Samsung HMD Odyssey

Windows mixed reality headset

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